We began reading the Life-Studies of the Bible back in 2016. This has been a huge benefit to those participating. At the end of 2019 we have read 569 messages, which is 29% of the 1,984 total. Beginning on January 1st, we will begin the Life-Study of Genesis, reading one message per day, Mon-Fri.

Our reading plan is available for sharing at Living Stream Ministry’s Reading Through the Life-Study of the Bible website at https://www.ministrybooks.org/reading/.

To add our reading plan, sign in and click on ‘Share Plan’ under ‘My Account’. Enter the following information into the ‘Join an Existing Reading Plan’ section:

Shared Reading Plan Name: CISA-GENESIS
Your Personal Reading Plan Name: [This is the name you can assign this reading plan in your own account]

Gen 31Gen 32Gen 33Gen 34Gen 35Gen 36Gen 37Gen 38Gen 39Gen 40
Gen 41Gen 42Gen 43Gen 44Gen 45Gen 46Gen 47Gen 48Gen 49Gen 50
Gen 51Gen 52Gen 53Gen 54Gen 55Gen 56Gen 57Gen 58Gen 59Gen 60
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Gen 111Gen 112Gen 113Gen 114Gen 115Gen 116Gen 117Gen 118Gen 119Gen 120